July Favorite Swimwear: Extra $5 Off $49 At Choies


Thinking of how to style swimwear after the pool or at the beach? Actually, there are so many fashionable ways to cover up your bikinis or tops! Below are some of fashion tips to put on your swimwear.

Tip 1. Swimwear + Poncho beach cover ups

Fowy and flattering, the poncho beach cover ups protects you from the sun without looking like a giant potato sack. It seems that the light blue ones are in favor this summer.

Tip 2. Swimwear + Palazzo Pants

The wide leg palazzo pants can work well as the swimsuit cover up pants after the beach. They are classy yet stylish and will complement any bikini top.

Tip 3. Swimwear + Maxi skirts

A maxi beach skirt can really help to cover the pale blubbery body up after getting out of the water. It's now becoming one of the popular beach fashion looks on trend.

At CHOIES you could get extra $5 and $49 off! Use code: SWIM5. To further you with details please visit the site choies.com! They also offer free shipping worldwide esp. in the Philippines.

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